Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence program is a multi-level program offered to university students. The program consists of 4 main stages, with three assessments in between to get qualified to the following stage. The program covers the field from the essentials in AI, to advanced levels of AI technology with projects showcasing the acquired knowledge.

14 Weeks (Split between courses)
user-circle Who can attend & Requirements

University students studying a degree related to Science, Technology, and Engineering


  1. Payment of subscription fee
  2. Completion of the prerequisite Courses on Coursera
  3. Passing the assessments at each stage. Top Qualified students will be invited to the next stage.
stack-2 Registration Announcement
  1. The registration will stay open until Nov 30, 2023.
  2. Eligible candidates will be invited for the first cohort qualification exam in the week of Nov 2-6, 2023.
  3. Eligible candidate will be invited for the second cohort qualification exam in the week of Dec 14-17, 2023.
  4. To be eligible for the qualification exam, the candidate must be enrolled in KAUST Academy Coursera program and should complete the required specializations.
  5. Candidates can attend both qualification exams in case they don’t pass the first qualification exam.
*Compulsory Step

Prerequisite Course

To qualify for the Artificial Intelligence Program, you’ll need to successfully complete two prerequisite specializations on Coursera ‘Python 3 Programming Specialization’ & ‘Mathematics to Machine Learning and Data Specialization’ before November 1st, 2023 to attend the Qualifying Exam for the first cohort, and before December 12th, 2023 to attend the Qualifying Exam for the second cohort. This course will equip you with essential knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, preparing you for the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course.

Top-performing students will receive invitations to join the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course.

Additionally, your enrollment fee covers access to 200 online courses, each offering a certificate upon completion. This exclusive opportunity comes at a significantly discounted fee of 400 SAR, exclusively for KAUST Academy students.

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Covered topics
in this course

  • Mathematics for Machine Learning and Datascience
  • Python Programming Skills
  • Basic machine learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Applications of AI in Physical Sciences
  • Additional courses on core skills, innovation and leadership

Skills you’ll gain

  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Linear Algebra
  • Optimization
  • Deep Learning Libraries
  • Large Scale Deep Learning
  • Python Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial Intelligence Program Overview

Student Journey

Stage 1: Prerequisite Course 

Important Note: Signing up for the prerequisite courses on Coursera (Stage 1) does not guarantee participation in subsequent stages. Students must demonstrate their knowledge and skills by excelling in the assessments to progress through the program. Certificates of Completion will be awarded at each stage to acknowledge participants’ achievements. Qualified students will be invited to the next stage.

Duration: 2 to 4 Weeks     Completion Date: Before November 1st, 2023      Method: Self Paced, Online Courses

Description: The students are required to complete 2 dedicated specializations (Python 3 Programming Specialization, Mathematics to Machine Learning and Data Specialization) that will supply them with the knowledge for machine learning and artificial intelligence, including basics of linear algebra, calculus, optimization, and Python Programming.

Stage 2: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Duration: 5 Days     Start Date: November 17th, 2023      Method: Instructor Paced, In Person Lectures

Description: The qualified students will learn classical machine learning tools, including linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, support vector machine. The students will also be introduced to neural networks, deep networks, and deep learning libraries. Qualified students will be invited to the next stage.

Stage 3: Advanced AI Course

Duration: 5 Days     Start Date: To be decided      Method: Instructor Paced, In Person Lectures

Description: The qualified students will learn about convolutional neural networks and their applications of convolutional neural networks to computer vision applications, including image classification, segmentation, and object detection. Qualified students will be invited to the next stage.

Stage 4: AI Summer Program

Duration: 8 Weeks      Start Date: 16 June, 2024      Method: Instructor Paced, In Person Lectures

Description: Qualified students will be invited to the prestigious KAUST Academy Summer Program either at KAUST or top international universities. Students will be provided with on campus accommodation and services.

The students will learn about the following areas of artificial intelligence.

1)         Natural language processing

2)         Reinforcement learning

3)         Deep Unsupervised Learning

4)         Graph Neural Networks


Recommended Agenda

Below you can find the recommended agenda, with a goal to complete the specified courses before November 1st, 2023 to attend the Qualifying Exam for the first cohort, and before December 12th, 2023 to attend the Qualifying Exam for the second cohort. 

Period picker
Module 1
Linear Algebra for Machine Learning and Data Science
Module 2
Calculus for Machine Learning and Data Science
Module 1
Probability & Statistics for Machine Learning & Data Science
Module 2
Python Basics
Module 1
Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries
Module 2
Data Collection and Processing with Python
Module 1
Python Classes and Inheritance
Module 2
Python Project: pillow, tesseract, and opencv
Bernard Ghanem, Deputy Director of AI Initiative at KAUST

Professor’s Take
on the Course

“Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our future. The potential for AI to revolutionize industries, drive economic growth, and enhance the quality of life is unparalleled. At the AI Initiative, we are committed to bringing the best research, facilities, and products to the Kingdom. Our collaborations with global leaders and institutions ensure that we remain at the forefront of AI research and development.

Our mission isn’t just about technology; it’s about nurturing local talent to sustain our progress. We are partnering with KAUST Academy in providing programs that are meticulously crafted to educate and empower Saudi students with the skills needed to not only keep up with the rapid advancements in AI but to drive innovation themselves. By fostering a vibrant AI ecosystem, we’re ensuring that the Kingdom remains a frontrunner in the AI race”

Professor Bernard Ghanem, Deputy Director of AI Initiative at KAUST

Thousands of happy learners

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Embracing AI as an Aerospace Engineering student has been an eye-opening journey.From crafting aerodynamics to crafting algorithms, I've discovered the immense potential of AI, transcending disciplinary boundaries. I encourage everyone, irrespective of their majors, to dive into AI. It's not just a skill; it's a gateway to endl
Omar Alghamdi
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Personally, I was having a hard time choosing a path for my career, but learning about all the different topics that emerged from AI was an eye-opening experience that made me realize the relevance of AI to the development of our beloved country. Now, I'm more confident than ever about what I want to do.
Faisal Alharthi
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I have had a fabulous experience with the academy. Several doors have opened for me from spending my time in the academy learning about Artificial Intelligence and its different applications. The academy is more than just an academy, it shaped my future and has set my path that I can pursue to contribute back to society with the knowledge that I have gained.
Danah Almuhassin
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KAUST Academy's innovative program turned my AI dreams into reality. It excels in academic challenges, offers a supportive environment, and provides guidance from knowledgeable professors. It significantly enhanced my AI understanding.
Hussain Almansory
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KAUST Academy program enhances knowledge and develops skills in artificial intelligence. With Comprehensive curriculum covers theoretical foundations and practical applications. Engaging with interactive modules, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies. Joining this outstanding program will help you thrive in the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence.
Ehab Abu-Alqumboz
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AI represents both the reality of the present and the promise of the future. Take the chance to lead innovation in this revolutionary industry. Advance from novice to expert by learning from the top minds. You have an unique opportunity thanks to KAUST's priceless experience. I'm wishing you luck on your amazing adventure!
Ahmed Youssef Radwan
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I had an incredible experience during the AI summer program. The curriculum was comprehensive and engaging, The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, guiding us through hands-on labs and projects. I highly recommend the AI summer program for anyone interested in diving into the exciting world of artificial intelligence.
Mohammed Atif Alshabrawi
Testimonial Image
Studying at Oxford and KAUST Academy profoundly enriched my educational journey, blending academic rigor with a welcoming community. Invaluable knowledge and connections were acquired, reflecting the synergy of academic excellence and support. Grateful for these distinguished learning communities.
Talal Majed Alkharashi
Will I be able to apply AI concepts in real-world scenarios after this course?

Absolutely. The course emphasizes practical programming and covers foundational concepts that are applicable to real-world AI solutions.

Is this course only for technical professionals?

This course is catered to University Students

How much time should I dedicate to the course each day?

(1st Stage- MOOC) Online course is self paced

(2nd to 4th Stage Introduction, Advanced, Summer Program) Are instructor paced, and are in person

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion to showcase their newfound AI knowledge and skills at each stage.

What am I paying for?

You are paying for 200 online courses provided by Coursera, in addition to a chance to qualify to KAUST Academy’s AI Program.

Do I have to complete the 200 courses to be invited to the Introduction to AI Program?

No, there are 2 courses you are required to complete. Top students will qualify to the next stage.

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